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Wayfinding Signs In Tampa

Have you ever entered a new building or space, unsure of where to go? Typically, the first thing we do is look for directions. When they are difficult to find or not readily available, it can be hard to find our way around. 

Wayfinding signs, otherwise known as directional signage, are the perfect solution to providing directions for anyone who enters your business.

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What are Wayfinding Signs?

They are a type of sign that offers instructions and directional cues for a space. They make it possible for people to go from point A to point B without having to ask someone for help. These signs guide visitors and customers to offices, rooms, departments, and other essential spaces around an establishment. 

You may be wondering, “why are navigation signs important?” Maintaining an organized and comfortable environment prevents people from going around in circles, causing unwanted frustration. Whether in a store, office, school, hospital, or any other facility, these signs make it a breeze to navigate any space, whether it is familiar or not.

At Southlake Signs Tampa, we specialize in custom design, meaning we make your signs more than their foundational role. For example, while wayfinding signage is meant to offer directional instruction, we also create them to elevate your space and boost your brand. Ask us about the different types and designs we offer today!

Types of Navigational Signage for Your Business

Think of the number of wayfinding signage you’ve experienced at businesses and during your day-to-day. Several types of signs are necessary when providing directions, which is why we offer a wide selection to our clients. We have all the wayfinding signage under the sun for your business to choose from, and each can be made with your choice of material, design, and more. Here are a few options to consider: 

Directional Signs

These signs contain directional cues like words, arrows, and symbols that guide people around the facility.

Identification Signs

These are signs used to label certain rooms or spaces within the establishment. They are often permanent spaces that are essential to the overall building, which help you understand your surroundings better, such as reception areas, cafeterias, and more.

Informational Signs

This type of signage provides key information that people need while navigating a building or space. Reserved parking signs, elevator signs, and emergency exits are great examples.

Regulatory Signs

As they are intended to increase safety and set boundaries within a facility, this kind of sign helps reinforce rules and safety standards. For example, caution signs, restricted area signs, and signs that prohibit pets.

ADA-Compliant Wayfinding Signs

There are several things to consider when creating signage for navigation. It has to be clear, concise, and visible to the people who visit your space. Another key element is determining whether they are ADA-compliant. 

Any sign that provides directions to, or identifies, a permanent room or space needs to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. This means following certain design elements, including:

  • High-contrast colors
  • Standard font styles
  • Raised, tactile letters and characters
  • Braille dots included
  • Mounting height specifications

ADA signs ensure that your office, building, or store is inclusive and welcoming to all individuals, regardless of ability. They are also legally required, so investing in this type of signage is essential to your business.

Your Trusted Source for Wayfinding Signage in Tampa Bay

Whether you need one sign or a wayfinding sign system, Southlake Signs Tampa is here to help. We are well-versed in creating effective signs for wayfinding. With our customer-centric approach to business, we focus on delivering high-quality signage that meets the business needs of our clients, as well as exceeds their expectations. 

Find out more about our wide selection of product and service offerings today! Call us to book your free consultation with one of our sign experts, so we can kick start your signage journey.