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Lobby Signs in Tampa

Are you looking for a way to make your business more memorable? Do you have a lobby or reception area that all clients, customers, employees, and guests pass through? It’s time to upgrade your entrance with lobby signs. 

Lobby signs are the perfect way to kickoff the experience with your business on a positive note. Not only do they affirm that individuals are in the right place, but they also set the tone for the environment that your business wants to create. With a modern, chic lobby sign, your business is perceived as professional and elegant, whereas a wall mural expresses creativity and inspiration.

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Make a Strong First Impression

Lobby signs are masters at creating first impressions, as they are often the first thing that individuals see when entering your business. They represent your business proudly and boldly, which ensures that the impression made lasts and influences their return in the future. From the color to the type of sign chosen to the additional features available to you, each element of an office lobby sign helps to deliver a clear message to onlookers. It is your responsibility as a business owner to decide what that message may be. 

Your reception sign is the perfect place to integrate your brand. Not only is it the one thing that sets you apart from your competitors, but your brand is also what customers use as a way to recognize your business. Incorporate your brand guidelines into your signage and show pride in your business right when customers walk through your front doors.

Office Lobby Signs You Won't Find Elsewhere

Transform your lobby with creative, contemporary signage that represents your company and makes people say “wow!” Each business has its own aesthetic, personality, and vision, which means finding the right sign to not only complement but enhance that kind of environment. Whether you’re looking for minimalist and elegant or bold and striking, we have the right sign for you! Browse through a few samples from our wide selection of lobby signage to start looking for your perfect lobby sign: 

If you’re unsure what sign would be best suited for your front entrance, our team is ready to lend a helping hand. During our initial consultation, our sign specialists will learn more about your company, the space that you have, what you want your signage to accomplish, and your brand. This will allow us to provide tailored recommendations that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We will work together until we find a sign solution that you love!

Choosing a Sign Company in Tampa Bay

If you’re looking for an exceptional sign company that services the Tampa Bay region, it’s time to work with Southlake Signs Tampa. Our team is committed to delivering high-quality, innovative sign solutions that cater to the unique business needs of our clients. 

We focus on leading with respect, integrity, and creativity, which is how we foster such an amazing customer experience for every client. Our main goal is to be a partner in success for your business, which means we don’t succeed until you do.

If you’re ready to get started, give us a call or visit our website today to book your free consultation with one of our experienced signage professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lobby signs display your business name and logo in your lobby area. They welcome customers in and let them know that they have reached the right place. Lobby signs can also provide other information, including directions, your company’s history, accolades, and more. Popular options include dimensional letters, acrylic signs, and vinyl signage.

Lobby signs are important identification markers. They make sure customers know where they are, convey your company’s professionalism, and introduce your brand to customers. The right lobby sign elevates your business space and makes customers more confident about partnering with you.

The lifespan of lobby signs varies depending on several factors, including the type of sign, materials used, and installation. Where your signs are placed also affects longevity; continuous exposure to sunlight can affect a sign’s quality and vibrance. Acrylic signs, for example, can last 5-10 years with proper care.

Because there are different types of lobby signs available, the cost will vary depending on the type you choose. For instance, acrylic dimensional letters are traditionally not as expensive as digital lobby signs; ultimately, cost depends on the size, complexity of the design, and type of sign you choose. Give us a call today for a free quote.

Backlit lobby signs are commonly made of various materials like acrylic or aluminum. They can also be designed with sign panels or dimensional letters, depending on your desired aesthetic. One element that remains consistent is the LED lights that are installed on the back of the sign, giving the backlit illuminated effect.

Your lobby sign should be visible and readable to visitors and customers. When it comes to size, ideally it should be half the size of the width of the surface it’s being installed on. Viewing distance should also be considered, as well as any fixtures that may obstruct the person’s view of your sign.

There is a myriad of lobby sign options that are great to use for a business. The choice typically depends on a business’s specific requirements. Acrylic signs are perfect if you’re looking for a chic, sophisticated look. If you want more design flexibility, dimensional letters and vinyl signs are great options.

Lobby signs can help your business in a variety of ways. They act as identification markers, letting people know right off the bat that they’re in the right place. These signs also introduce your business and showcase your brand’s identity, which creates a positive and memorable impression of your business.

The average size of a lobby sign is one-half the width of the wall where it’s installed. However, this can vary depending on the size of the room, possible obstructions, and your sign’s design. You must tailor the sign’s size to its location for maximum impact.

The turnaround time for lobby signs varies. This largely depends on the type of sign, size, and complexity of the design. For instance, vinyl signs usually take a few days to produce and install, whereas acrylic and dimensional signs can take an average of 7-10 business days to complete.