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Floor Graphics in Tampa

Are you looking to maximize the space in your business for marketing potential? Have you ever considered using areas that are untraditional, such as the floor? 

Floor graphics are an excellent way to optimize the space your business has and unlock new marketing potential. While most businesses leave the front of their business free of merchandise to allow consumers to get acquainted with the business, floor graphics are a great, noninvasive way to introduce a purchasing mindset to the consumer without using products.

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Floor Graphics 101

They are a type of floor sign that is traditionally made from vinyl, as it is a durable material that can withstand harsh conditions and has a long lifespan. These graphics are meant to be targeted marketing tools, which use vivid colors, eye-catching graphics, and leading phrases that pique curiosity and intrigue. You can choose between permanent and removable floor graphics, depending on the intention you have for them. 

You'll Never See Your Floors the Same Way Again

Once you see your floors as another space to enhance your marketing, your entire perspective on your business will be forever changed in the best way possible. The benefits that floor graphics unlock for you open doors to such potential, such as: 

Reclaim Space

The space that you would have used for stand-up signage will be gifted back to you when you begin using custom floor decals. You can have more space in your business for more customers or additional products, or you can utilize it in another way, but it won’t be needed for advertisements.

Building Brand Awareness

Effortlessly integrate elements of your brand into these graphics to further your brand recognition and positively impact your business’s reputation.

Guiding Customers

Use this type of signage as wayfinding signage. Guide customers to certain areas of the business or promotions with directional arrows on the floor. People are compelled to follow the directions because they are curious about what is at the end of the journey.

Create an Unforgettable Experience

Floor graphics contribute to the overall user experience in your store. If they offer additional information or assistance, they will help create a positive environment that customers enjoy. 

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We pride ourselves on using high-quality materials from hand-picked vendors. We aim for our signage to be durable and long-lasting.

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We will take into consideration your marketing budget and timelines when offering our tailored recommendations, as we want you to make informed decisions for your business.

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Once we understand more about what you’re looking for, our sign specialists will take care of your signage from the design to the installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Floor graphics are unique in that they are durable, yet constantly exposed to inclement weather and heavy foot traffic. For this reason, their lifespan varies depending on the type of vinyl used and where they are placed. They often last up to a year indoors versus only a few months outdoors.

Regularly cleaning floor decals and graphics is a great way to keep them looking fresh and vibrant. When cleaning, make sure to use a mild detergent or a mixture of soap and water, and then gently scrub them using a sponge or soft cloth. Using harsh chemicals and abrasive materials can damage your decals.


Floor graphics are made with specialized types of vinyl materials. They are designed to be waterproof and slip-resistant, which is perfect for high-traffic areas. These materials are available in various thicknesses, with an adhesive backing, and can be digitally printed. They can also be laminated to be protected further against wear and tear.

Floor decals are generally made using vinyl. This typically consists of three layers: the adhesive layer to make it stick, the base layer where the design is printed, and a non-slip laminate to protect your design from wear. However, for outdoor use, aluminum foil-based graphics are best used for added durability.

Because floor graphics are walked on daily, it’s important to add a layer of protection to extend their lifespan. Typically, a durable, transparent protective film is used to cover the graphic. This makes your signs more durable and resistant to wear and tear; it can also shield them from abrasion, foot traffic, and water damage.

Definitely! According to a survey, floor graphics can potentially increase product sales by up to 17.2%. They help businesses promote their brand, provide directions, and convey a myriad of messages. When placed in high-traffic areas, floor graphics easily catch people’s attention and create customer engagement. Ask us about the impact of floor graphics today.

Yes, floor stickers are designed to endure daily wear and tear. Well-made floor stickers and decals use durable vinyl with a strong adhesive backing. They also usually have a non-slip, protective laminate that prevents scratches and other damage. All these make floor stickers perfect even in areas exposed to weather and foot traffic.

3D floor graphics can be an eye-catching feature inside your business space. Creating the actual 3D design, however, can be a challenge. It requires a certain amount of skill and specialized tools to create three-dimensional graphics and images. It’s best to seek the help of professional graphic designers to create these graphics.

Different types of vinyl can be used to create floor graphics and decals. The most popularly used one, however, is the 3.4 mil vinyl; this thin type of vinyl is designed to not be a tripping hazard. It’s also slip-resistant – perfect for high-traffic areas, whether inside or outside your space.

Creating high-quality floor decals starts with the right design. Graphic designers use appropriate software to create the text, images, or graphics you need. Once done and approved, it is then digitally printed using weather-resistant inks. It can also be laser-cut to create the exact shape and size of the graphic.