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Channel Letters In Tampa

Are you looking for a sign solution that identifies your business clearly, boldly, and visibly? Do you want your signage to do more than just identify your business name? 

Channel letters are the right choice for you!

You may be wondering, “what are channel letters?” They are three-dimensional graphic elements where you can choose letters, numbers, and characters, or a combination of them, to display your business to consumers. Often, the materials used for channel letters are aluminum sheeting, polycarbonate, and acrylic, as they are durable, weather resistant, and long-lasting.

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Why Should You Choose Channel Letters?

There are countless sign options for your business, and while that means there are endless opportunities to effectively advertise your business, it also means that choosing the right exterior sign from so many options may be overwhelming. We are here to make it as simple as 1,2,3:

Enhance your brand identity

Signs are known as a form of visual communication, which means they deliver messages to consumers on behalf of your business. Channel letters are excellent at targeting the right audience and conveying your clear and simple brand message.

Visibility is key

Areas like shopping malls, outdoor strips, and plazas are high traffic business areas that can over stimulate customers with advertisements, such as signage. This means that businesses must compete to stand out and attract customer attention. Utilizing big, bold signage, like channel letter signs, is an effective way of doing so.

Make it your own

This sign solution offers a high degree of customizability, which means that incorporating your branding or business personality is effortless. We can design your signage in any style, shape, form, and color. By choosing this type of sign, you can bring your ideal design to life, no matter how complex or extensive it may be.

Take the Design Process to New Heights

The process of creating channel letters is extremely flexible, which means that there are exciting, captivating elements that can be added to them to elevate your business. One key addition is illumination, as it guarantees your Tampa Bay business is visible during the evening and in low lighting conditions. There are a few different lighting options, such as: 


As the most common option, the front of the sign is made from clear or colored acrylic and then illuminated to create an eye-catching effect.

Halo lit

Create a glow around the channel letters, giving them a halo effect.

Front and back lit

Add an air of mystery to your channel letters by adding light to the front or back of the sign. Either the light will illuminate the letters directly or the wall that they are mounted on.

Open face lit

Make your sign shine bright with environmentally friendly LED lights added to the front of your signage.

Finding the Right Sign Company in Tampa Bay

It is important to find a sign company in Tampa Bay that understands the importance of signage for your business, like Southlake Signs Tampa. Our full-service sign shop prides itself on creating innovative, creative, and high-quality sign solutions for our clients, as we want to see their businesses succeed. We tailor our recommendations and products to the unique needs of our clients, which guarantees they are proud to display them and have them represent their brands. 

Our team leads with respect, integrity, and kindness, as we strive for a customer experience that exceeds all expectations. We are always ready to dive into a new project, so we are excited to hear from you. Give us a call today to book your first consultation or to speak with one of our representatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Channel letter signs are very versatile. Businesses can make use of these signs in many different ways. They are one of the most popular choices for storefront signs because of their ability to display a business name and logo. These signs can also be used as lobby signs, building signs, and monument signage.

Channel letters are highly customizable. They can be colored, laser-cut, and shaped to create different text, shapes, and even graphics. We can design them to match your exact logo following the font style, colors, and overall theme. With channel letters, you can display your logo on your storefront, lobby, walls, and more.

There are different ways channel letters can be attached. The most common method is mounting them directly onto the wall using studs. If that isn’t an option, we can also use a back panel or raceway to mount each letter before attaching it to the wall or surface where you need them placed.


Channel letter signs are a type of dimensional letter sign. These are commonly used to display a business name on a building or storefront. Channel letters are often illuminated and also offer various lighting options. These signs look professional and visually attractive, creating a positive impression on your target audience.

Channel letters are made of various materials that are combined to create these durable signs. The returns and backside are made with aluminum sheeting that’s laser-cut and shaped to create the shape or letter you need. The sign’s front face is made of translucent acrylic that allows the LED lights to shine through.


Reverse channel letters are also known as backlit or halo-lit channel letters. These three-dimensional letters are made by adding LEDs behind each letter. When mounted away from the wall, this creates a “halo effect” around the letters. The warm glow makes these signs look more attractive and eye-catching, especially at night.

Flush mount channel letters are characterized by the letters being attached directly to the wall or building facade. Each letter lies flat against the surface, resulting in a sleek and seamless appearance. Flush mounting can be costly because of all the drilling needed. However, the attention you get is well worth it.


Channel letters are illuminated with LED lights. This makes the sign more eye-catching and attractive. Installing the LEDs depends on the type of channel letter sign you choose. Front-lit channel letters have the LEDs installed within the letters, while backlit signs have the LEDs installed at the back of each letter.

It is hard to pin down a standard cost for channel letters because of the many customization options available. The cost can vary depending on the size, color, design, number of letters, and more. Typically, the cost of channel letters can range anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

There are several ways you can mount channel letters onto a building or storefront. Flush mounting is when each letter is mounted directly onto the wall or surface. Raceway mounting has the letters attached to a rectangular structure that holds the sign’s wiring. Backer mounts have each letter mounted to a large back panel. Give us a call to determine the best mount for your signage.