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Real Estate Signs In Tampa

There’s no denying that real estate is one of the most competitive industries out there. With a lot of competition around, it can be difficult to make your business stand out. For this reason, it’s crucial to have the right marketing strategy to be seen by your target audience. One of the perfect strategies, especially for the real estate industry, is finding the right set of signage.

What are Real Estate Signs?

Real estate signs are any type of signage that helps to advertise a real estate agent, agency, and/or property for rent or sale. They typically display only the essential information that will catch the attention of interested sellers and buyers. This information may include: 

  • The agent or agency’s name
  • Business logo
  • Contact details
  • Info on the property, such as whether it is for sale, lease, or already sold

At Southlake Signs Tampa, we offer a wide array of sign options for your real estate marketing needs. We work closely with our clients, from conceptualization to real estate signpost installation in Tampa Bay. Call us to learn more today.

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Get Creative with the Types of Real Estate Signage

Signs used for real estate marketing should provide clear, concise information in an eye-catching way. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do that using the sign options below:


As one of the most common types of signs for real estate, this sign solution is typically used for for sale signs that are placed in front of the Tampa Bay property. They are L-shaped poles made usually of wood or metal. Suspended from the top bar is a hanging sign with the information customers or buyers need.


As suggested by the name, this sign sports wired frames that are shaped like an “H”. This holds up a plastic sign with the information you need to display.

Banners and Feather Flags

These signs are perfect when your goal is to catch the attention of people walking or driving by. Banners and flags are great for real estate events and open house signs, as they can be bright, visible, and vibrant, even from a distance.

Why You Need Real Estate Signs

There are several reasons signage is necessary for your real estate marketing strategy. The main reason is to be able to build a professional brand image. With real estate, you’re dealing with huge investments, which requires customers to put their trust in you. Investing in professional signage helps establish your credibility and improves both your trustworthiness and reliability. 

Real estate for sale signs also position your properties in front of interested parties. Without signs, people may not know that a property is available. Ensuring that people are aware of your properties, as well as your real estate agency, is imperative to your business’s long-term success.

Moreover, signs make it possible for people to express their interest. By including your contact details on your signs, interested sellers or buyers know how to reach out to you or your agency.

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Generate more leads and widen your potential customer base with the right signs for your real estate marketing campaign! Southlake Signs Tampa should be your go-to local sign company in the Tampa Bay region, as we deliver high-quality, captivating signage for businesses of all sizes and industries. 

We are a full-service sign company that is known for designing, producing, and installing custom signs that not only fulfill but exceed your advertising needs. We also offer real estate signpost installation in Tampa Bay. Whether you need one sign or a complete set for your campaign, our team is always ready to jump into action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several sizes to choose from when it comes to real estate signs. The choice usually depends on the type of sign and design you need as well as your preference. Local laws can also affect the size of your signs. Some of the commonly used sizes include 12″x18″, 18″x24″, and 24″x36″.

The process of making real estate signs varies depending on the type of sign you choose. However, it typically starts with the design you need along with choosing the right materials for your sign. Since real estate signs do better outdoors, make sure to think about durable and weather-resistant signage options.

In real estate, signage means any type of visual display that allows you to promote properties for sale, rent, or lease. This can include banners, panel signs, A-frames, and more. Signs are necessary communication tools, providing information to interested sellers or buyers. Signage helps real estate agents create interest in available properties.

Signage is important in real estate because it is a crucial way of getting properties in front of potential buyers. Without signs, people may not know that a property is for sale, rent, or lease. Also, signs provide necessary information for potential clients to act, including contact details, websites, and more.

There is a myriad of real estate sign options available in the market. However, the most used sign is “For Sale” signs, as they are positioned in front of properties that are for sale. These signs come in different forms, depending on what you need. This can include yard signs, H-frames, L-frames, post signs, and more.

One of the main purposes of real estate signs is to deliver necessary information to potential buyers. These signs should first include the property status, whether it’s for sale or rent. Additionally, these signs need to have the real estate agent or agency’s contact details, property information, and website details, when applicable.

The cost of real estate signs usually varies depending on several factors. This can include the type of sign, design, materials, size, and the like. Real estate sign costs can range anywhere from $50 to $250 or more. The complexity of the design and the number of signs needed can also affect the overall price.


Real estate signs can be referred to in various ways, depending on the specific type of sign you choose. When you say real estate signs, often we first think of banners and post signs as they are the most used signs. Other real estate signs include A-frames, panel signs, and H-frame signs.