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Vehicle Wraps In Tampa

While signage is essential for any business’s marketing strategy, the effectiveness of the signage chosen is just as important. One way of deciding the effectiveness of signs is through the impressions that they make on customers. 

Did you know vehicle wraps result in an average of 30,000 to 70,000 impressions daily (3M)? If you’re looking to increase your impressions using sign solutions, it’s time to consider vehicle wraps in Tampa.

Take your advertising strategy to the next level by hitting the road with your mobile billboard. Whether your business has company vans, trucks, buses, cars, or food trucks, Southlake Signs Tampa can transform your company vehicles into marketing machines. From adding your business name and contact information to the visible areas of a vehicle or completely outfitting vehicles in eye-catching designs, the sky is the limit with this highly customizable sign solution.

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Custom Vehicle Wraps Made by Southlake Signs Tampa in Tampa, FL

What are Vehicle Wraps?

They are a vinyl covering that are designed using lettering, graphics, and color that is usually associated with a business’s branding. As vinyl is durable and versatile, vehicle wraps are an excellent way to advertise your business over a long period of time. The mobility of a car, truck, van, or bus widens the reach of the wraps, which should boost the business being advertised.

Choosing the Right Kind of Vehicle Wrap

While every business is unique and has specific needs, every kind of vinyl vehicle wrap is unique and has individual ways of communicating with your target audience. Choosing the right kind of vehicle wrap is essential to having the sign solution be as effective and impactful as possible. While there is a wide range of vehicles available in Tampa, we can wrap them all in the following ways: 

Full wraps

With an eye-catching design and the help of the Southlake Signs Tampa team, your vehicles will go from regular to memorable in the blink of an eye. Full wraps cover the entirety of any vehicle graphics, designs, lettering, and more.

Partial wraps

If you’re not ready to commit to full vehicle wraps quite yet, but you’re still interested in adding marketing techniques to your vehicles, we’ve got you covered. We will add lettering or graphics to individual, highly visible areas of the vehicles.

Fleet wraps

The disadvantage of custom paint jobs is that they cannot be replicated on multiple vehicles. Fleet wraps are the solution! As designs are printed onto vinyl, they can be duplicated for an entire fleet seamlessly.

Food truck wraps

As food trucks are also the location of the restaurant, on-site advertising is crucial to the success of the business. Display your business name, the food you offer, and any contact or catering information in a clever and captivating way.

Truck wraps

Use the size of your company trucks to the fullest advantage by turning them into mobile billboards. People won’t be able to help themselves but look at your truck wraps as it drives by them on the highway or road.

If you’re unsure about what kind of Tampa auto wraps are best suited for your business, that’s okay! Our team is always ready to lend a helping hand. During your first consultation, our sign makers will learn more about your company, your vehicles, and the goals that you have for their advertising strategy. This will help them offer you recommendations that are best equipped to help you achieve your goals. 

Why Vehicle Wraps?

When it comes to types of signage, there are endless options for your business, which may prompt the question, “why should I choose vinyl vehicle wraps then?” Excellent question! We have the answer for you: 

  • Widen your target audience by bringing signage to consumers
  • Pique curiosity and drive traffic to your website or in-person store
  • Garner attention by being an eye-catching vehicle on the road
  • Protect the original paint with the vinyl wrap
  • Increase the resale value of your vehicles by preventing abrasions, scratches, and other general wear-and-tear
  • Customize your vehicles to your branding
  • Build brand recognition and customer trust
  • Duplicate designs for your company fleet
Fish & Chips Vehicle Wraps Made by Southlake Signs Tampa in Tampa, FL

Your Local Tampa Sign Company

If you’re looking for a full-service, high-quality sign company that services the Tampa region, you’re in luck. Southlake Signs Tampa is known for meeting and exceeding client expectations and industry standards through exceptional signage. 

Our team of respectful, communicative, and creative sign specialists are always ready to dive into a new project and build client partnerships. We believe that leading with curiosity and a customer-centric approach is the way to ensure our clients are given sign solutions that they love. This keeps them coming back to us again and again.

If you’re ready to get started in transforming your company vehicles, give us a call today to book a consultation. We’ll be able to offer a quote once we discuss your signage needs in more detail!