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In any competitive environment, it’s important to make a positive first impression. A customer’s first point of contact with your business is crucial to building your image and reputation. For this reason, having the right signs on your storefront is key to your success, as they are often the first advertisement customers see. 

Business front signs are necessary for displaying your company name and logo. This helps identify your business and sets you apart from surrounding stores in theTampa Bay area. Additionally, these signs attract the attention of your target market. This makes it possible to generate leads and drive more traffic to your business.

Looking for the best signs for your storefront? Southlake Signs Tampa offers different types of signs that can be custom designed to your brand guidelines and unique business personality. Talk to us about your signage needs today.

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Types of Storefront Retail Store Signs

Did you know that 8 out of 10 customers visited a business for the first time just because of their signs (FedEx)? The signs on your storefront play a crucial role in garnering the attention and interest of your customers. 

At Southlake Signs Tampa, we can create a myriad of signs and designs to suit your specific business needs. Whether you’re looking for signs to improve your branding or promote your business, we can help. Here are some of the signs we offer that you can explore for your storefront:

The design process of each sign will be completed to match your brand and design aesthetic, as we know the importance of having your signage represent your business accurately. From the colors and fonts to the graphics and illumination, our customization offerings ensure that your final product will reflect your brand. 

Different Ways to Use Storefront Signs

The role of signs on your storefront is primarily to introduce your business to your target audience. They build awareness for your brand and create a positive image for your business. However, they also provide you access to many additional benefits, including but not limited to: 


Business front signs make it easier for people to locate your business, especially in crowded or high traffic locations. With eye-catching signs, it will be possible to spot your store from near and far.


Your storefront is an excellent advertising space. By adding signs, you can promote new products, promote deals, and celebrate seasonal events. By showing potential customers what you offer, you will organically drive more traffic to your store.


Aside from promotional ads, storefront retail store signs are also excellent messaging tools. Display important information for your customers to see, including your business hours, contact information, social media platforms, and more.

Let Us Be Your Sign Partner in Tampa Bay

Southlake Signs Tampa is a full-service local sign shop in the Tampa Bay region that delivers high-quality sign solutions to each of our clients. We focus on learning more about your business to guarantee that your signage represents your business accurately and strives to accomplish your unique business goals. 

Our talented team leads with curiosity, innovation, and kindness to create an exceptional customer experience. We create signs that aren’t just functional, but that also take your storefront space to the next level. Contact us today to get started and book your free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because each business is different, the size of your storefront signs will usually vary. It can depend on factors like the size of your storefront, location, target audience, and local regulations for signage. When determining the size, always consider readability, especially from a distance. Also, choose a size for optimum visibility.


There are different types of storefront signs to choose from. When crafting a design, consider the type of sign you want and the goals you have. The overall process includes conceptualizing the design, choosing the right materials, fulfilling fabrication, and installation. Work with an experienced sign maker to ensure you get high-quality signs.

Signage is important for retail stores because they are a necessary visual communication tool. They help display business information, product features, promotional messages, and more. Through signs, retail stores can introduce their business, products, and services to customers. They attract your target audience and drive traffic to your store.

Designing signs for your store isn’t just about putting words or graphics together. For signs to be effective, they should be designed with your brand, business goals, audience, and location in mind. However, some basic design elements to consider for every sign include legibility, color contrasts, size, and your brand.


There isn’t a set cost when it comes to storefront signs. This is because there are different types of signs available in the market. The cost will usually depend on the type of sign you choose, along with the materials, size, and design. It’s best to consult directly with our team for an exact quote.


A storefront business is a business’s physical location. Specifically, these are businesses that directly face the street. Often, storefront businesses have signs that indicate their business name, logo, and other important information. Storefront signs are necessary for attracting customers, promoting products and services, and delivering information that drives traffic in.

Metal is a common material used for storefront signs because of its durability and ability to cope with outdoor elements. Among the different types of metal, aluminum is the most used for creating signs. Aluminum is flexible and lightweight, perfect for customizing signs. It is also durable and resistant to rust and corrosion.

Storefront signs have a variety of purposes that can benefit your business. But most importantly, they are used for introducing your business to your target audience. Storefront signs help build brand awareness and recognition. They can also display product or service features, promote deals and events, and attract people to your store.


There are several factors to consider when creating effective and impactful storefront signs. These can include your business goals, brand identity, location, and target audience. Local signage regulations can also affect your signs since they are placed outdoors. Partner with an experienced sign maker like Southlake Signs Tampa for all your signage needs.

Storefront signs matter because they are your customer’s first point of contact with your business. This introduction is crucial to creating your brand image and leaving the right impression on your customers. With the right signs, you can establish yourself as a professional and credible business in Tampa.