Utilize Illuminated Channel Letters to Transform Your Brand

Certified Service Channel Letters Made by Southlake Signs Tampa in Tampa, FL

Channel letters are a favorite sign of America’s biggest businesses. Everyone from Starbucks to Walmart uses letter signs to reach out to customers. If you want to transform your branding and boost sales in the process, it’s time to start looking for “channel letter signs near me.”

A Quick Recap: What Are LED Channel Letters?

LED channel letters are some of the most eye-catching signs around. They are made from three-dimensional letters. Each letter contains its own illumination and is mounted separately. The defining feature of letter signs is the flexibility in illumination. You can choose from a wide range of head-turning options, including:

  • Front-lit signs
  • Backlit signs
  • Halo-lit signs
  • Combination-lit signs

However, whichever channel letter sign you opt for, getting the design right is essential.

5 Top Tips for Designing Channel Letters That Boost Branding

1. Select an Easy-to-Read Font

The typical approach for designing channel letter signs is to start with the business’s logo. While that’s generally a good practice, it’s inadvisable if the font used in your logo is hard to read.

That’s why businesses like Starbucks use a neat, easy-to-read font for signage. San serif fonts often lack visual punch, but they are more legible and maximize a sign’s visibility.

2. Background and Font Colors

Using contrasting backgrounds and font colors is the best practice. This ensures the sign’s text stands out from the background and is easy to read. For instance, a dark blue background with light blue font will make the sign’s message challenging to see, especially from far away.

What you need are high-contrasting colors for the background and font. A good example of this is a white background with a black or dark blue font. Work with a sign maker to ensure your channel letters will stand out from your building’s façade or the sign’s mount.

3. Use Lighting Intelligently

Make sure your lighting design complements the colors you’ve chosen for the sign. As mentioned above, there is a wide range of lighting effects to choose from for channel letter signs. Your sign team will be able to show you how the different lighting options look digitally before finalizing the design.

4. Mounting Options for Your Channel Letter Signs

There are a variety of mounting options to choose from. Some are exposed, and others are concealed behind the letters. If you opt for one that can be seen, make sure it follows a complementary color scheme for your sign while extending visibility.

5. Sizing Your Channel Letters

Last but certainly not least is determining the size of your sign. As a rule of thumb, try to make your sign as large as it can be without it looking awkward. The larger the sign, the more likely it will be seen and the more impactful it will be. Your municipality could have specific requirements regarding your sign’s size, but your signage partner will address these with you during the permit application process.

Ready to Transform Your Brand with Channel Letters?

Channel letters are some of the most customizable signs around. These signs have dozens of options, including size, style, color, materials, and more. It’s why you need an experienced partner like Southlake Signs Tampa who can help you find cost-effective options that deliver value.

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