Channel Letters: Using Eye-Catching Signage to Illuminate Your Business

Channel Letters

Creating a lasting impression on your customers is key to making your mark in the industry. And signage has a direct impact on the type of impression your business makes. Signs don’t just identify your business to the community. They also help to generate attention for your business and build brand awareness and recognition.

One of the best signage investments you can make for your business is front-lit or backlit channel letters. These three-dimensional letter signs are popular for a reason. They have a level of depth that can’t be missed anywhere. They also usually come illuminated, making them even more eye-catching.

Stand Out with Acrylic Channel Letters

In any competitive environment, finding ways to make your business stand out is necessary. This helps you get in front of your target audience. Additionally, standing out means it’s easier to drive more traffic to your business.

This is where a unique and vibrant sign can be a game changer. These acrylic, three-dimensional signs make your business pop during the day. At night, they make your business shine, as they are illuminated, making your business impossible to ignore.

The Benefits of Having Channel Letters

  • Visibility

Research shows that customers tend to be more drawn to illuminated signs. This is one of the biggest benefits of channel letter signs. Being three-dimensional already makes it easier to be noticed from near and far. However, adding illumination makes these signs even more visible to your target audience, especially at night or in poor lighting conditions.

  • Durability

These signs are made with hardwearing materials, like aluminum and acrylic. This allows them to withstand various weather conditions, making them perfect for outdoor use. The durability of these signs makes your investment worthwhile.

  • Energy-Efficiency

Another great thing about these signs is they are energy efficient. Whether you choose front-lit or backlit channel letters, we use long-lasting LED lights to light them up. This ensures your signs stay bright for years while using far less energy than incandescent lighting.

Illuminating Your Business with Channel Letters

There are several factors to consider when creating impactful signage designs. One is choosing the right font style. A key element here is picking a font that not only reflects your brand but is also readable even from a distance. For example, while cursive is beautiful, it is not easily read from near or far, making it a poor font choice.

When it comes to color, it’s important that they match and/or compliment your brand. This includes LED colors too. We can customize the light colors to make your brand shine even more.

Signage placement and the size of your letters are also elements to consider. Make sure that the size of your sign is not only proportional to your storefront, but that it is easy to read even from afar. Consider placing your sign at an elevated height for optimum visibility.

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